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mary duff


12/7/17 CT Power Lifting Hall of Fame Induction

3/18/17 IPA Women Masters 65-69 Ironman Push Pull, 123 weight class World & CT record holder 255 lb Dead Lift and 130 lb Bench Press.

10/16/16 IPA Women Masters 65-69 CT Power Lifting Championships (PowerHouse Gym) 123 weight class World & CT record holder 175 lb Squat.

4/16/16 Masters Women 65-69 IPA CT Ironman Push/Pull Showdown 123 lb. Weight Class, 255 lb Dead Lift and 125 lb Bench Press.

10/3/15 Masters Women 65-69 IPA CT State Open Powerlifting Championship 123 lb. Weight Class, 170 lb. Squat, 240 lb Dead Lift and 115 lb Bench Press.

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Ray Carr


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Guillermo Bujanda

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justin baumgartner


Personal bio: From the age of 14-years old, Justin has lived a lot of his life in the gym pursuing strength and fitness. Always a gym rat, he wasn’t introduced to the sport of Weightlifting until the age of 34. He has been competing in the sport ever since, but also fell in love with CrossFit after his very first workout. Before opening CFBOTB Justin was a successful entrepreneur who committed 10 years of his life to building a multi-million dollar organic snack food company, Laughing Giraffe Organics. After achieving so much, he realized his passion had shifted to fitness and strength training and that’s when Justin took a leap of faith, resigned from the company he founded in 2006 and went on to establish CFBOTB in July of 2016 with longtime friend, Matt Blanton. Justin has also been involved with the CrossFit community and the annual CrossFit Games for several years—he is often sought after as the DJ for local competitions, and has DJ’d the Southwest/South/Central Regionals since 2012, and at the CrossFit Games in 2014. As a coach, Justin is passionate about helping people discover their own abilities and see their confidence grow along their fitness journey.

Fitness is a family affair in the Baumgartner household. His wife, Dawn, while reluctant to get into CrossFit now can't miss a workout and his 10yr old daughter, Devi Mae, is a promising young least until she starts weightlifting, lol.

Fitness Accomplishments: Although Justin got a late start in the sport of Weightlifting he still competes as a masters athlete and had some notable success in his short career.

105+ 40-44yr old masters Arizona state record holder in:

  • Snatch 133kg, Clean and Jerk 167kg, and total 300kg
  • 40-44yr old105+ masters 2016/2017 AZ state champion
  • #2 Ranked 105+ 40-44yr old master lifter in USA (Just got beat by Guillermo Bujanda)

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pam Kalehuawehe


An avid competitor, Pam has competed in various competitions from a young age and has always focused on strength and endurance training through various forms of exercise. Pam was introduced to yoga five years ago when she attended a Bikram class with her daughter who was home on break from college. Soon thereafter, Pam enrolled in Core Power Yoga’s Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training and became a certified instructor so that she could share with others her passion for fitness through yoga sculpt. Concurrently with her yoga class, Pam was enrolled in CrossFit HTF’s Fundamentals Course and soon realized that her workout regimens had become complete.

Pam has one of the strongest deadlifts, for any woman, in the gym and is looked to for inspiration and encouragement by all.

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John Hackleman


My name is John Hackleman, otherwise known as the Pit Master. I was raised in Honolulu Hawaii, but now I live in the central coast of California. I own a martial arts and fitness gym, and Train, professional MMA fighters.

Major Accomplishments: I have one multiple boxing and kickboxing Titles. I am a tent to green black belt, and I have train some of the best kick boxers and MMA fighter’s in the world, including Chuck “the ICEMAN” Liddell

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sandra wang

Personal bio: I’m a 42 year old assistant principal in NYC with a doctorate in Education Leadership. I was a gangly awkward kid who partied way too much in college and for a while afterwards. I found fitness about fifteen years ago after realizing that I was wasting my life away. At first it was basic globo gym treadmills and weight machines. Then I found boxing and HIIT training. And then I fell in love with crossfit. I’d say CF is really what changed my life—from my nutritional habits to my friendships to my fitness goals and achievements. I’ve also recently gotten back into boxing and hope to have my first amateur fight this summer.

Fitness Accomplishments: Certifications and Seminars:
Attitude Nation
Catalyst Weightlifting
Squat: 190#
Deadlift: 275#
Clean: 140#
Snatch: 98#

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patricia nanouski


Fitness Bio:

Athletic Accomplishments:

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JD Mata

Personal bio: Strength and Conditioning Coach for the US Army and 10-year Air Force veteran. Masters in Exercise Physiology from Texas Christian University. Began powerlifting as a hobby in 2010, committed to serious training around 2012, and switched to full-time weightlifting training in 2016.

Fitness Accomplishments: Qualified and competed at USAPL Nationals in 2015. Best squat of 245kg as a weightlifter, bench press 147.5kg, deadlift of 275kg as a weightlifter, snatch 117kg, and clean & jerk 145kg all while competing as a 105.

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Becca Lee

Personal bio: I grew up in northern Virginia and eventually found my way south to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and have settled in Asheville. After working as an instructor and guide in the outdoors with Outward Bound for many years, fitness and lifting helped fill a void in my life and I was immediately hooked. I was so hooked in fact that I made it a career coaching others full time. It is my passion to help others reach their goals and train for longevity.

Fitness Accomplishments: After years of outdoor pursuits in rock climbing, whitewater paddling and backpacking, I did not start lifting until my early 30s. I started competing in weightlifting at age 36 and competed at the National level that year. Since then I have turned my focus to Master’s weightlifting events where I am constantly amazed and inspired by all the lifters I meet and compete with. Age is just a number and more often than not, a sound mindset. a good attitude and a sustainable training plan are what matters most!

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Raymundo garDEA


Personal bio: I grew up in Albuquerque, NM. When I was young my family never had much money so, playing sports of any kind was a tough sell to my parents, but I always tried to stay active. I joined the military at 18 and lived all over the United States and travel a bit of the world. 12 years in the military helped me stay in shape and I continued to maintain that fitness when I returned home. I found Crossfit in 2013 and fell in love with Olympic Weightlifting not long after. I became strictly an Olympic Weightlifter in 2015 and have coached and competed since then. I love showing people that you can start at any age and be strong, healthy, and a better version of yourself!

Fitness Accomplishments: I am the current New Mexico State Record Holder in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total for the Men’s 69kg 35-39 class. I was a Masters silver medalist at American Open Series 1, and the winner of the Masters 69kg 35-39 at American Open Series 2. I am going to Masters Nationals in April where I aim to qualify for Masters Worlds. My best Snatch is 85kg/187lbs in competition and my best Clean & Jerk is 108kg/238lbs in competition as well. My squat is 145kg/315lbs and my deadlift is 175kg/385lbs.

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Wendy Martinez


Personal bio: I was always an athlete, I belonged to the tennis team, and at school, but after the responsibilities and the children arrived, mainly we women tend to stand aside, after my second daughter it was very difficult for me to handle overweight but More than that, to fill a void inside me, take my first Crossfit classes and be exhausted, but I went back the other day and the next day and that's 6 years since I love Weilifting. I love the person that I have become because I feel complete because it is only discipline, it is passion, but above all because I have struggled Day by day to become the person that I am today!

Fitness Accomplishments: •Master athlete 40-44
•4 place panamerican Master Weight lifting in Puerto Rico 2016
•1 place Panamerican master Weilifting in Dominican Republic 2017
•1 place wod at the beach 2015 and 3 place in 2016
•1 place WCC 2016
•1 place national women's master tournament And National Record 2016 category 69k
•1 place national women's master tournament and national record 2017 category 63k
•1 place in Dominican Republic open 2017
•33 en latinoamerica open 2017

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Rob Adamire


Personal bio: Hey everyone I’m a father of 2 awesome kids, my daughter is 7 and my son is 1. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife since 2009. I’m from Lancaster county Pennsylvania. I’ve been lifting in some form since high school but was only introduced to the Olympic lifts when I joined a local CrossFit gym. I was doing CrossFit full time for 2 years until I decided to make the switch to only the Olympic lifts.

Fitness Accomplishments: 2015 Pa masters state champion, 2017 Pa state champion, competed in both the American masters and Masters national championships in 2016 (AM) and 2017 (MN)
Best lifts: Snatch 128k 282lbs
Clean and jerk 152k 335lbs
Back Squat 238.5k 525lbs
Front Squat 200k 440lbs

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