In spanish, viejo means old, not weak.

Older Athletes are stronger athletes often times. We've all seen that guy with crazy "Old Man Strength" in the gym. That's what Viejo Strong is all about. Getting stronger, every day. Being better than yesterday. Growing wiser and stronger at the same time.

Viejo Strong is for everyone.

We are athletes, dads, husbands, coaches, trainers, surfers, runners, powerlifters, weightlifters and we love to push the envelope of what we can do.

Viejo Strong is for anyone who demands the best from themselves day in and day out. We celebrate the Old Lions because they continue to prove themselves in and out of the gym. An old lion is still a lion, and he's survived by being fierce in battle.

So whether you're a young buck starting out or an Old Lion who's done it all, we want you to know that when you demand from yourself excellence in perseverance, then you're Viejo Strong.


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