Average Joe


Robert Fasone - Brooklyn, New York

Nothing amazing here. Non-Athletic background.

Dude that got tired of Globo gyms and found an article about Crossfit. This was back in 2008. There was only one CF in Brooklyn back then, CF South Brooklyn. Fell in love with it.

During those 8 years I've had some bumps in my fitness road, birth of my second daughter and some minor injuries. Many more boxes have opened in since then and my new box is 15 min away as opposed to 45 and I've convinced my wife and 12 year old daughter to join the CF family.

We just wanted to thank Robert for sharing his story with us. If you want to follow his Instagram, you can find him at @Bingoryder

JUST A NOTE FROM VS: This is the second time we've heard daughters being born as the cause for some fitness setback... hmm... Haha, I hope not! BUT, I did hurt my back right after my daughter was born... Interesting...