Crossfit helps fighting off depression


Dennis BurnsCarlsbad CA.

For years I had felt something was wrong but I was to afraid or proud to admit it. I have always been very active spending hours in the gym doing bro sessions etc. But it never seemed to be enough.

In 2007 a coworker asked me if I had seen "firefighter Fran" I had no idea what he was talking about. He showed me a video of a firefighter doing Fran in full gear. Right away I thought hell yeah I can do that.

For the next year I would get workouts off online or create my own, it wasn't until I joined an actual gym that I realized what CrossFit was about.

As a firefighter we are exposed to rigorous duties each day. From the smallest of tasks, like climbing in and out of the rigs with gear, similar to a weighted box step up, to lifting large objects i.e. People. Also at 45 years old I am constantly challenged by the younger guys full of ego and testosterone.

More than that though, Crossfit has been a mental savior I have been dealing with ptsd and depression since childhood, and the challenges of my job have not made it any easier.

Crossfit allows me to push my body to a point that I cannot focus on my mental stress. I'm just trying not to die and that's all I can do to survive each WOD. I can honestly say that Crossfit has made me a healthier happier person. It has allowed me to face some demons and reflect on what is important.

As odd as it sounds, the gym is my safe place away from troubles. A place where I can forget about the world and challenge myself physically And mentally to a level I never knew was possible.

We just wanted to thank Dennis for sharing his story with us. If you want to follow his Instagram, you can find him at @Stronger_fitness_together